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Battle for the gold box is Definitely still on For June 10th read

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Update June 23 2017 :  Fellas we had a great time this past tournament and the next one will be better yet as the clan will have grown by then.  Some of the players who couldn't make it will be there too. 

Thunder-King_8-in_UC and Nex-amicus_UC were awarded a gold box each for M.V.P.  All who attended received a gold box or will as soon as I see you again Cyborg1xx_UC and Masta_UC.  As teams got changed up as the night went on it is hard to award best team so we will go with Highest score, second place and third place.  Video of the event will be posted eventually I am currently waiting on my 4 TB hdd to port them from the usb sticks.  So Fates_Warning_UC can edit and put them on You Tube. 

More news later Shaft/OLO

Logician_UC has suggested we have a clan meet and a few battles and he will award someone with a gold box.  The details are not completley worked out yet.  I just wanted to wet your appetite.  Let me know what you think Clan members.

Update: clan tournament imminent! [b]Time is now finalized we are working on this as the best time for all to participate at once. [/b] See Below!! Stay tuned here in your forum for details, look around find a good article or sign in and read some tips.
[b]The new date for the clan Tournament is June 10!!!
If for any reason you know you can not attend on those days please let me know as soon as possible Please.  Times will be determined when I know how many can make it.  Or we will reschedule if not enough can make it.

Things you will need for the tournament:  A clan account that is at least sergeant major or not higher then Warrant Officer 1.

A pro pass this should cost around 2000 crystals for Wo 1 and about 1850 for Sergeant major. 
your willingness to play by the rules that will be set forth before the battle and the want to play like a team as there will be two teams.  Which will have to be picked prior to Tournament day. 

There were to be two rounds or stages and each round or stage was to have 3 maps with different game play. 

Now for the ease of making this Tournament happen It will be on one day make plans for a 2 hour commitment.
First and second maps will be large and second map will be medium sized.  Dependent on Participants size of maps may be reduced!

These maps we will only use pickups on the map, no supplies will be active in battle, other than mines.  Yes mines are legal!  Mines don't drop from the sky. 

The last map will be Medium and  mines will be turned off Map supplies will be left on as the tournament is about skill as players and as a team.  Use of the supplies is a skill and knowing when not to pick up a supply box is just as important in battles as knowing where they are and when to pick them up.

Warrant Officer 1 will be the highest rank in the tournament until someone ranks to Warrant officer 2 in that case the next  maps will be enabled to allow Warrant Officer 2. *** If that happens anyone wishing to use their Warrant officer 2 clan account may switch.***

There are some members who have asked for the WO 2 to be allowed right at the beginning and there are two reasons for not allowing that at the beginning. 

The first is that I asked all members to reach Wo 1 with their accounts and wait for us to have a tournament.  The founding members have waited patiently  since I made that request last fall.  It would be quite unfair now to say yes to Wo2.

The second reason has to do with upgrading and how powerful your tank can be already by WO 1 I have some non clan accounts at Wo1 that are well on their way to being an M1 turret and almost M2 hull.  We might as well just go play an open game against Wo 5 accounts then and see how we do without supplies.  it would be the same.

I am trying to make it as even as possible for everyone to play and have fun and show their skills. 

Every member who participates fully will be awarded a gold box and every member on the winning team will get one for being on that team. 

There will be a MVP gold box reward one for each team and a runner up Gold box award 

There will be special prizes for undetermined quests or quizzes for Steam account cash cards. 

Update: June4th 2017
I am currently June 3 working on times to include all members at one time.  Bare with me
Teams need to be picked and I have a number of you not replying to your email!  Please, please help me out If you see someone in the clan in the next few days talk about the tournament and see that everyone has replied to my Clan email that they can make it or if they are not going to make it.  I have a few people who can fill in if need be.   

Time is now finalized we are working on this as the best time for all to participate at once.

If you live in Europe then your start time will be June 10th at 11PM
if you live in Eastern Australia your start time will be June 10th at 8 am
If you live in New Zealand your start time will be June 11th at 10 am
If you live in North America your start time will vary but June 10th is the day.
For players in North America if you live in pacific time zone you will start at 2pm
For players in North America if you live in the Mountain time zone you start at 3 pm
For Players in North America if you live in the Central time zone your start time is 4 pm
For players in North America if you live in the Eastern time zone your start time is 5 pm
For players in North America if you live in the Atlantic time zone then you start at 6 pm

See maps to identify what time zone you are in if you don't know!!!




Sounds pretty fun. 
I have alot of questions but im just gonna ask will there be only rail + wasps allowed or any turrent and hull?



Oh no we have members who do not play rail so it will be all weapons and hulls.  I haven't worked out all the details yet but need you and the others to help Logician(Jacob) and I craft a competition.  Keep those questions and suggestions coming.

l8r OLO



Happy it's not wasp + rail only. I still can't master that rail ...
I'm in, if I can. Seems like fun.
What kind of maps do you have in mind ?



Read above my friend. I am glad you plan to attend.  have some suggestions for two large maps and a medium sized one then lets hear if they are not already spoken for.



I seem to have a rank-problem with my accounts as far as the tournament is concerned. Have a look at them and let me know which one I should pick to play : Cyborg1c, Cyborg1d, Cyborg1e, Cyborg1f, Cyborg1xx_UC, Cyborg11b.



You may use one of my accounts to participate I will send you the details later today as I don't have my password list in front of me.  I am working on my sisters pc at the moment.   The tournament dates have changed to June 9,10. Hope this is still doable on your side.




Hi everybody,
Im looking forward to this tournament.
Can we change turrent and hull during match? I still dont have my favorite weapon, because I play for a short time. railgun is good, but it need a lot of practise. Shaft is cool, and I don know why someone dont like it. In tournament I will try with thunder.
I dont use power up and I didnt upgrade my tank at all yet, but gonna kick some ass anyway ( I hope) :)
Good luck to all




Marko, first you may upgrade your Turret and Hull just don't be over the rank of Warrant Officer 1 before the tournament. 

Second during the battle you will not be able to change weapons but in between battles you may change weapons or hulls. 

The only other rule about weapons is there can be no more than one shaft and Magnum per side on any map. 

I have checked and you are a true non user of power ups and good on you.  You are a tough opponent as I found out 2 days hence.  That thunder is powerful and you are a player to be reckoned with.  You have heart and adhere better to the rules than the founders of the clan. 

It is sometimes necessary to use supplies when you have spent time winning only to have a raider team come and try to steal your hard won crystals by creating a loppsided enemy team.  They could be over powered or druggers or even hackers.  They are more organized than your team will be and to organized to be truly new players as you are.  In those cases we the founding members have used supplies. 

You have not had the fortune of playing from the beginning as many times as myself and when you cannot communicate to your team until the eigth rank as it is now you can lose alot of ground and crystals when playing against non noobs who are a complete team no doubt speaking on skype or some other voice over ip service.  The way it used to be you could text at the third rank.  Back in the day you could organize your team and defend or attack with some chance of winning against the not very skilled raiders.   It was the raiders who caused the trouble and got the developers to change at what rank you can text. 

A discussion we should have at a later time is when to use and when not to use supplies in battles in your clan account.

I started that rule because you can develope your skills alot if you limit yourself to what is left on the map or not use any supplies at all. When you have skills then pick ups just enhance your skills.  I am proud that you have followed the rule so religiously.  I think a gold box for that is appropriate reward. 

Shaft out



Hi all,
I'll be participating with 1 of Shaftbusters many accounts, since mine are too high or low.
Shaftbuster gave me a Sergeant-Major acc, that I upgraded to Warrant Officer 1 yesterday while practicing.
Unfortunately it 'only' has a very powerful wasp+rail, and rail is difficult to handle for me. Anyway, I'll do my best and try to kill as many of you as I can.



I'm in ... will be using bowb_euphonium_uc and maybe Die_5.  WaspRail is the preferred combo for me.

See U at 17:00 hours EST!!



I'll be there too at 23.00 CET+1.
wasp/rail or wasp/fire



Yeah i had to leave early
But how was it after i left?



Thunder_king wrote:

Yeah i had to leave early
But how was it after i left?

I didn't stay till the end either, but had a good time.
We should do this more often, even without the  gold boxes.



Yes I noticed that you left Thunder_King, I wasn't sure when you had left.  It just kind of got quiet.  Stevo left for a family obligation and Steve and I were getting FELIX up to speed on things clan related.  It is funny I haven't gotten a badge or an email from him.  I will give it time. 

You asked how it went afterward well we hung out in Stadium for about another half hour.  parkouring  and otherwise talking about the clan.  Steve and I were discussing some of the people he had previously told me about that he thought would be a good fit for the clan.  He and I could not at that moment remember the names however. 

We have talked about another event since that night.  I have yet to award those boxes to Bart and to the highest scorer, and to the teams that won and since we did not actually pick teams I am stuck on how to award winning team prize because the teams changed the last two games and Jacob had to leave for them as well. 

I may just award everyone a box who won  a game.  I haven't reviewed the video, well I screen capped the winning totals but not which team actually won.  I know our team won Dusseldorf because you told me TK8.  We lost the other two.  Then there was the changing of your tank mid battle, it cost you points so no first place in the points and was actually part of the rules not to change in battle.

We will have to work on that for the next meet. 

Lets try not ranking past wo officer 2  for the next one.  I may have some new recruits and keeping our Clan accounts low makes it more fair for the new guys coming into the clan.  Besides pro accounts get more expensive the higher in rank you progress.

Later Shaft


You are here » ShaftBuster's Clan of _UC » General Topics » Battle for the gold box is Definitely still on For June 10th read