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For tanki Help

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how do i join the actual clan on tanki



_UC does not exist when i type it up



hi rock - we have no official clan in Tanki (no licensed clan).  This is an older external group of friends - we play together in Tanki and use private pro battles for tournaments and training. Most of us have multiple accounts and for clan use we have either an account named Die_(n) or one that ends in _UC.

for example:  Die_22 or rock490_UC

If Tanki ever actually implements the clan battle features they have talked about, then we would probably buy the license and participate.



Thanks for writing that Bowb! now Ill just send him a badge so he will read it.



o ok thanks



What are the clan battle features? I never heard of them



Clan Battle features you say? Tanki introduced Clan licenses and set a max of 8 players soon(read maybe a year or two from now) 16 players per Clan.  They will synchronize start times and arrange battle scheduling.  All for e-Sports there may be other Features i am not sure.  Not my cup of tea I wasn't really listening to it.  you can learn from YT  Link

I hope you stick around for a while but will understand if that is where you would like to end up.  We are a free clan, we accept you from first rank if it were still possible to communicate at that rank so as soon as you can send badges.  We don't demand a set time for practices and we would rather just enjoy the game then get into the high stress of e-Sports.

hope that answers your question.


You are here » ShaftBuster's Clan of _UC » General Topics » For tanki Help