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Battle for The Gold Box

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Rock490 Asks:Did this event already pass? well it is pretty vague a question!

Rock you should have pointed out you were speaking about The Battle for the Gold box Tournament, which if you had read the first article was June 10 2017.  The post in question was Posted by me ShaftBuster on date:2017-06-16  at time:21:34:59 it is simple to copy and paste this info and lets the person who is answering know where to look for details to answer your questions.   

In future I hope that you will be a bit more forth coming with details about what you are asking.  Hey I made this section just for you!



Yes the event your inquiry is about was June 10th.  In the post I had mentioned that we are holding our clan accounts at Warrant Officer Two for new recruits.  You are a new Recruit and I am still waiting for you to tell me your Clan name.  If you want help ranking up you need to request that from me, my schedule has changed so I have less time late at night to help.  As with all the members I will do my best to be you clan ally while you rank up your clan account.

Rock my first name is Oliver you may call me Shaft/ OLO/ or Oliver what may I call you?

What are you thinking for a Clan name remember it has to have " _UC " at the end what ever you choose it to be and I have to be told what it is so I can send it to the other members as you did not create it yet. Create it sooner rather than later as it takes some time to Rank to Warrant Officer 2.  The next event is in the planning stage and hinging on the availability of the members who last participated, once I know they are available things move pretty fast to an actual date.

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Just looking at the site and wondering whom of you still visit?  Are any of you still playing Tanki?  I come in occasionally, like last night Feb 6 or early this morning Feb 7 2018.  I have more fun playing against the Russians and whomever else is on at that time.  Still even they have their overpowered and over bought players. 

It is definitely not the game I fell in love with or even the game we all came to know eachother at but it still mostly functions like Tanki.

I hope everyone of you is well and getting on with your lives too.   




I'm afraid its just you and me.


You are here » ShaftBuster's Clan of _UC » Questions ??? go here » Battle for The Gold Box