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The new match making system

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So I'm bored and since I don't meet shaft busted too often on tanki I don't have anyone to rant to about the "great" tanki  online updates that have been happening on the recent. So whenever there's a new major update you can count on me to
give my thoughts.

Ok its no secret if you have played tanki on Tuesday the 8th or Wednesday the 9th of July. Tanki is planning on scrapping the old match making system. Now you must be wondering "now what was wrong with the old system?"... And so is the rest
of tanki online including me. Now the developers gave no reason why there was a need for the match making system to
have such a major change. I mean it was such a simple system even a monkey could figure it out. Find a battle
you like, click on it, and your in the battle. Easy, Simple, and good. Now we have a system that randomly takes you to a battle
that you don't even know will be a one you like or a one that will even suit your chosen equipment. Its kind of like a Lottery.
Just keep your fingers cross that you'll get a good one.

Now I've seen a lot of players complaining about always being on the losing team. I won't really say anything about that since we're most of the time on different teams, but like I said before its like a lottery. Also, I'll give credit where its due. The idea of scrapping the pro battle pass was a major plus. You couldn't get your missions done in them and they did have a pretty big cost, drug free battles we're also very rare at our rank.

The group idea sounds nice in theory but it just never works out. I'll invite everyone I can and only two guys will join. I tell them to invite people and they just leave. But I think it'll work better if our clan just got together and made a group, all joined in and had some fun. 

The waiting time to join a battle is sometimes good and sometimes horrible. If you're playing on a time when the Russians are awake than the waiting times are just a few seconds. But once those guys go to sleep its like a ghost town. Only around 200 players in all of the waiting  groups  and it took me a full 2 minutes to get into a battle... full of druggers. Now that proves that this is solely lottery based. A CHANCE the Russians will be on and a CHANCE of there not being druggers.

Now that's all I can think of on the spot and I might make my rants longer next time. If you had no idea what I am talking about they haven't put this system in permanently and I'm only talking about what I observed from the 2 day testing on the 8th and 9th of July. (2017) Please give me honest feedback in the comments. And till next time... have a nice day!



Well Jaivir I think you hit it right on the head, a bad and almost fixed lottery at that.  The old system was a lot better being that if you got into a bad druger infested game you could be in another battle in lest then 10 seconds.  You didn't have to wait up to two mins to join any battle and you knew before entering what ranks were likely to be in the game. 

The new rank expansion which lets Wo 2 play with players as much as 6 ranks higher seriously made this MM trial even worse than it would have before the rank expansion.  I asked for a Matchmaking system but not this crap.  My original suggestion was to balance the teams based on upgrades and kits not on having two players at same rank put on opposite teams alone. 

The game I got hurled into in less then 30 seconds, there was a four diamond player one per team then two 3rd LT per team and my Warrnat 2 against a Warrant 2 player and some lower ranked players equal on both teams.  It is a no brainer that someone with 6 ranks above another player will have an advantage over every other rank and the lowest, just by advancement of rank.

It is not  fair just  to divi up the powerful by rank.  It would have been far better to reduce the rank levels and then check to see who has what advantage by either upgrades or kits.

It seems they took a look at War Thunder like I told them too because the interface on WT takes up to 2 mins to assign you to a game.  It was pretty similar too except for the circling tank or plane that War Thunder uses to mark the passage of time.

I think you have only one thing wrong and that is the month this trial occured my friend.  I believe you meant that it was Aug 8&9



Oh yes my bad not July but august.
Yes your also right about the rank span being very bad but then again the old match making system could have also let you choose a battle that's more fair. Another point of why this update is usless



I asked for a matchmaking system but before they implemented the larger rank system.  I was amazed at how much like War Thunder their "MM" system was.  Really they couldn't model their own? 

I hope that what they said in the v-log was not what they plan on or it really will be bye bye for me. 

I have been checking out the in game or steam users reviews on Battle Zone and think very soon I will take the plunge.  Whether any of the clan comes with me that will remain to be seen.  You Jaivir I have a way of making the transition easier you just need to get back to me on your email. preferably before summer ends. 

It will depend on a few things Like a real world meet up at the Local to you Mall.  BCC.  It is the only way I know how to get you a steam card easily.  It still depends on whether your allowed to install steam on your pc and if you really want to try this game. 

I was checking out the forum and alot of players seem to have come back from the old days when and before I played the game.  I may just have to bite the bullet and join so I can post some in game video of the experience.  I haven't decided yet if I will take my old clan name or the _UC  banner.  Either would be good but neither if its only me.  In that case then I will just be a lone wolf like I was in my early days in BZ.

Ok well I hope you get this message since you are not responding to my emails.


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