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Tanki in its present form is less fun and more work

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I posted this in the Tanki_online forum.

For those of us Tankmen and women who come here to have fun could maybe the admin bring back

a version from the past and put it on 1to 5 servers.  A version before Rail was the weakest

turret of them all.

I know the developers had time to enjoy being the biggest toughest tankers on the block and

everyone who was someone had a rail because it was king.  Some of us want to enjoy that too. 

Even if you left the guns and their potency the way it is now I would prefer and suppose many

others would like a chance to experience a tanki of 2 or 3 or even six years ago when you

could pick your own battles and maps the ranks that could join.  That there was friendly fire

or not and that you could see if the tank you are shooting at had a power up on or not from

across the field, not when it doesn't matter cause it is too late to do anything about it,

when the tank is like right in front of you.

I know the developers at tanki just add fixes to the game and have no back ups of how tanki

was, past probably the last update but if no one asks how will we know for sure.  Everyone is

told to back up your stuff in the digital world but I am pretty sure the programmers at tanki

are told to copy over most of the backups after one or two updates are introduced because it

saves them having to buy more disks to back up and archive stuff before the updates and there

probably is no original code, left.  Even with all the open hacks that were exploited, the

game was more fun than it is now.

We still have raiders and mults and over powered tanks pumped up on supplies and then the

developers had to go and add overdrives for these players too, just as you got them the enemy

where you want them, they go  and  activate said overdrive and finish you off instead of you

finishing them off.

I thought and I thought wrong apperently that if I play a game where my rank is the highest I

should be able to be on top, nope the other tanks in the game are bigger more robust and have

ample skills that they could not be new players but neither am I. Still when with double

damage at a sargeant  and with double damage and you cant one shot another sargeant and we

are both wasps me a rail and he a smokey then their is just something broken in tanki.

I have no problem for six years shooting 95% of my shots land on their target and over the

last two days only 5% of shots land on their target.  Thanks Developers for making tanki so

Difficult to have a good time,  yeah I come home from work to have a little fun and have to

work harder than I do at my job to have any in Tanki.

To think I would have told anyone and everybody that tanki was a cool game if they would

reverse course on some of these asinine changes to what pay for The ill fated Tanki X.  You

are lucky to find a game there at certain times of the day.  Even there they have made so

called improvements like the tank cannot flip so their goes the art of shooting a tank as it

jumps and you manage to flip it.

It is so different than tanki no one wants to play it.  Just like Tanki proper will be; the

way you are going dear developers.  You're numbers keep dwindling.  I take screen shots every

weekend and some on weekdays over the last couple of weeks .

Back when I started playing the servers were loaded red, some were from too many players in

some of the popular servers.  Back then you knew what servers to stay out of to stay away

from the main pack of hackers and raiding drug users.

Now the only two servers that I am sure to stay away from are EU13 and EU24, however the game

drops me into EU24 everytime I join.  I have no idea why and none as to why they would want

rail not to be the most powerful and why I can't shoot 90% more accurately then I am and used

to do just a week ago,

Maybe they(developers) want me to leave, maybe they will finally get rid of me too.... Like

the countless others who wrote about the test of Match Making system, that the kids

interpreted as an update.

Just read the forums folks its not hard to see this is not a natural bit of players leaving

due to some other game!  No! No, no this is people getting fed up to the constant changing

conditions of tanki and none to the benefit of long time fans, buyers or free players the

only ones having any fun are those with parents with deep pockets to shut their kids up for a

few dollars spent on supplies and kits to give less skilled players, us as canon fodder!

Cannon fodder is an informal, derogatory term for combatants who are regarded or treated as

expendable in the face of enemy fire.

I could type pages but then no one will read this so as it is already long, I will end on

this Death to Tanki and TankiX both could be world class games but the people developing them

really don't care for our opinions or if we stay so lets not and leave,  sincerely

ShaftBusted also know as Die and leader of Clan _UC

I think I about had it of your pitiful excuse for a game as it is too much work and not

enough fun to survive, thanks to the people who brought me the fun and all the honest players

over the YEARS!  I should have left with them.

I haven't left but I am sure if you played before and since the updates you know there is a bigg difference in how the game is and everyones tolerance for fun is different.  I am not telling you what to do or that I am doing anything different.  More or less I was just venting to the uncaring and useless forum that only users read.  If I wanted the Admin to see it I would have to email it to the actual business address.  Which I just may if they don't get their head out of their own arses!



Can you send me the link for when you posted it on the tanki online forum I really want to see people's opinion on this sort of thing.



Also tanki online has been a chore. TIP: the less you play the more fun you'll have in the small tie you do play



Well spoken and not a truer word could be spoken Jaivir!
Wise beyond his years that one.


You are here » ShaftBuster's Clan of _UC » Anyone else feel Tanki is more work than fun » Tanki in its present form is less fun and more work