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Hi DEC 27 2017 for final Tournament for Gold Boxes

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Dec 27 2017  Clan Tournament  It is maybe short notice but life as usual got in my way of organizing this the LAST clan tournament for me.  I will be folding the clan after many attempts to make it a large clan or a successful clan over the last 4 years.  I am done.  Most players who have joined then promptly disappear,  never to be seen again.

Those of you who are loyal and longtime members to the idea of the clan this is nothing to do with you.  It is my time to leave online gaming to a younger generation.  I will not only be leaving Tanki, Tanki X , War Thunder and any other game that is played online. 

I am going to pursue other avenues of life.  Maybe find myself a gf or wife.

  It has always been a pleasure to meet and become online friends in tanki and other games but life trudges on and doesnít wait for anyone.  My advice to you is do things like you do in the real world and donít bother with the internet or online games for fun and entertainment.  It can and does consume way too much time. 

I can say in my life time I have probably spent a year in the virtual world, maybe more.  The fun and enjoyment is no where near what can be had with real people and shared experiences.  Get out and enjoy life.


Just words of advice from your online friend who has much experience at both.


[b]The date has tentatively been set for Oct 21 2017. I am still waiting to here from you the membership of clan_UC if you will play, tell me if this date agrees with you, as soon as possible!  PLEASE!!!
The purposed timing was end of September or early October, I was leaning toward on October only because I will be free on my Birthday but that is not set in stone.  Please just respond to the email or to this post if you would like to be part of the clan Tournament for the Second battle for the gold box, I have 42 gold boxes left to award, I really would like to give them to members of the clan and not random players in Tanki before the end of tanki.  Whenever that might be who can say.

If you do Reply that you would like to be a part of our clan tournament then your clan account with a rank no higher than Warrant Officer 3 or an account that was gifted to you by me is what you need and a pro pass.  Yes we play in pro battles to level the playing field as we can turn off many parameters of the game such as pickups or stored power ups.  We can also pick the maps we would like to make things interesting.

You will also have to check back in this forum for the set date and if possible give me a way to contact you that you will respond to in a timely fashion, so I can facilitate a time that we can play as a clan or make arrangements to have two dates for those of us on opposite sides of the globe.   

The tournament is scheduled for or around Late September or Early October, but may be pushed to late October.  Reasons for not having a concrete date yet is if you haven't noticed I am not in Tanki, where I was once in everyday for many hours.  Like when I recruited most of you, in one of my all too many accounts.  I have been working way too much and most days don't even go near my computer.

I look forward to the tournament for a night of fragging and being fragged by my clan mates.  Last Tournament was 4 on 4 and although fun we would like to have 8 vs 8 and time to pick the teams and maybe even practice some strategies.  that is up to the membership too. 

I hope you guys and gals read the forum once in a while, you can post too it is easy!

To be continued and updated   ShaftBusted

The sooner we have responses the sooner we can have a tournament



Im in! Looking forward to next tournament. Right now Im ok with any date.



Ok so I finally logged back on to this. I hope to make it, but I may also be busy during the sunlit hours of that day.

I look forward to this if I can make it.



Did you play tournament?



No Marko we haven't play the final yet.  please see the post or in general forum.


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