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The new over drive Ideas

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Hello and welcome to another thunder rant.
If you've been watching the v-log then you probably already know about the next update tanki online is eager to announce.
If you don't know then let me just sum it up as short as I can.

Every hull will have a special ability that it can perform every so often. (Like a Overdrive) For example Mammoth will be able to turn invincible for a short amount of time but it'll become even more slow.

I don't think an update like this will really help the game. Every v-log they post people are always talking about how they're ready to quit this game or already have and how its become all "Pay to win" and I 100% agree with them. It would be way better if tanki balanced out the drugs better. And no I do not mean make them weaker like how they did to the repair kit.  They made it easier to drug but in return screwed up the repair kit.

Another thing worth  noticing is how people will find loop holes. One of the overdrive for the hulls were less reload time for the turrent witch is being used. This used by a twins would be hell. And I know you probably are thinking about twin's self damage. But with one of twin's alterations this can be loop holed with. No self damage in return for No splash damage. I would make that trade any day. It only cost 50K and you get it with m1 twins.

In addition to make things worse hunter's overdrive is garbage. It gets to see through walls for some time. Yea I see this being used in a hit and run case but you have q and e to use most of the times. Compared to some of the other hull's overdrives that is not so useful.

Now this update isn't entirely bad. I can see why tanki is doing this. They like the idea of overdrives, want to add something in the game to spice it up a little, and the players might not leave the game. But then again there are still many flaws that need to be over come.

I also want to say that this isn't a good rant I know. I tried to talk off  all the information I have and Its ok If you don't agree.
Till then have a nice day



Very well written my friend!  It was very informative, I was quite entertained by the story to it.  You write very eloquently, I am sure you will go far in life as a writer of stories and essays, maybe even be a writer of those books you like to read so much.

I am sure you would do very well in that field if you so desired to take up story telling.



You are here » ShaftBuster's Clan of _UC » Thunder Kings' Forum » The new over drive Ideas