Sat Nov. 3 2018

It's official, yes  I am finally packing it in, where Tanki is concerned.  The fun I had came from playing with all my online friends most if not all I don't see anymore.  I don't get the emails to my clan account.  We basically went our separate ways.  The fun in tanki 2014 and previous was all that bound us together. 

Some might say it had something to do with me closing the Clan; but tanki was in a downward spiral long before I created the clan.  Those developers were greedy for cash and started changing the game play every few months at the beginning and now it is every weekend.  It used to be they would make a change and you could adapt to the new tanki.  Now it is so wacked out and even being a buyer doesn't offer you the chance to be on a winning team, able to finish your missions, play as a team with people whom speak the same language as you.  They turfed the separate servers for each language.  They have carried out every promise that they made to the players all save one.  They have drones now, they have overdrives yes but the one thing they have failed to do is make the game fair to play, matchmaking is a joke.  It doesn't matter if i am the highest rank by 5 or the lowest rank by 8 ranks I get beat up buy lower tanks as easily as higher ranks. Shouldn't I have the advantage over those five lower ranks? How are you supposed to compete.  If I cannot compete then I wonder how young kids feel.  It irks me because I know not so long ago I could still beat most players toe to toe without power ups.  Without upgrades too. 

Well it has been fun sometimes, and aggravating most times as of late.  I find myself more stressed out after playing tanki then when I used to come home from work all bent out of shape.  Tanki used to take the edge off of my day now it adds to any edge I had.  Aren't games supposed to be fun, Stress releasers, well those creators at tanki obliviously don't think so.  They have created a gang mentality where 3 or 4 over powered tanks attack the weakest tank.  I being stubborn refuse to change my gun or hull.  Having to shoot other tanks 3 or 4 times just to have them hit repair and kill me instead. 

Skill is one thing most of these gangsters don't have but that dosn't stop them from winning, they come at you in packs, you can have as much skill as you want, it doesn't matter.  You can not out maneuver them, you cannot out run them, all you can do is die by them.  There was a time when I could take on six rookie tanks and not have to use anything but what was on the map. 

I Started my last account 8Years on April 2 2018, I quickly ranked up to Warrant officer and from there I moved on up to Captain  where I will lay my account to rest on Nov 3 2018. 

8yearscandounting  April2 2018-Nov 3 2018