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Hi! Welcome to our Tanki Clan Page.

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Players of Tanki Online or Tanki X may submit a membership request.

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Hi Tankers!  ShaftBuster here welcome to my  Clan website.  The Clan is "_UC " 

To get into Clan is by invite only.  My self or one of my Lieutenants can invite you!  You will be invited if you share our values, possess excellent skills without using drugs/pickups and especially not hacks. 

Forum membership is invitation only.  After reading and agreeing to the rules

All users must be active players of Tanki Online and/or Tanki-X video game.

Clan rules are simple no swearing at other players and or calling them noob. Rather pick a player up(reassure him its not him) or stand up for him if someone is picking on them, not to the point of being banned. 

No cheating, this means getting a Hack Engine (We all have skills we don't need to cheat)or some other form of cheating, like if all players agree to pickups only; then no using your stored power ups. 

No asking personal questions of the clan members as some will be minors.

New members should be able to create or have anonymous emails for contact purposes.  Creating an anonymous email is not hard. 
1) Pick an email service like Google mail or Gmail or Yahoo, or Yandex  to name but a few. 

2) Think of an email name, you can use your real first name or your clan name even your tanki account name but a fictitious last name.

3) If the sign up asks you for a mobile or cell phone number tick the box "I don't have one"

4) After creating the email go to the settings in the account to the security section and link this new email to your personal email.  In case you ever forget your password or if the email service asks you to prove you are the owner of the account.  Also so it doesn't ask you for a mobile number again!

5) Sign out and check your personal email for a verification email from your new anonymous email account.

Creation of an account with _UC is mandatory as we play our practices and tournaments in Clan accounts only.   

Basic rules, it keeps it simple!   We practice once a week sometimes not, but a minimum of an hour.

We come to the aid of our clan members if called while in our clan accounts.   There are no penalties as of yet if you don't come to clan members aid, but part of being in a clan is so you have allies to call to change the outcome of a game.

If you have read the rules contact me on the account that I sent you to the clan page telling me you agree to the rules and you would like to join, then I will send the invite code.

I personally hope to see all of you soon in Clan Uniform and battling like a team in Tanki or in a Clan Tournament.
Regards, ShaftBuster

If you create a Clan Account it should look like my nickname eg." ShaftBuster_UC " or the name you pick with an underscore and capitol U and C like in the example. 

After you have access to the clan you may ask for assistance or trainning from one of the members, you will get a email with all members clan and general tanki accounts and all of my accounts.  If you put them in your friends list you might just have allies to call for help but especially if you are in your clan account.  Those of us in the clan know and are able to render assistance to the new members with some of our lower regular tanki accounts.

My history and why I play Tanki: 
I was playing BattleZone back in 1998-2003.  Check out a friends Youtube channel showing the redone version on steam. 
The mag gun is much like the rail gun in Tanki and why I prefer it. … w9BxAj_bMG

I have been playing Tank Games since before the majority of the visitors to this page have been born. 

My first personal computer was back in 1978. It was and Interact Model One machine with Tape cassette drive 8bit.

I had a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A cartridge based 16bit in 1980. … s_TI-99/4A

My last non P.C computer was the Atari St 520  in 1985 and then Atari St 1040 in 1986 they had a 3.5 inch floppy drive and 512 KB and 1 mega byte of ram respectively.  I had a 60 Mega Byte disk drive.  Huge back in those days of 16/32 bit gaming.   Not so in today's Terrabyte universe

I have had various P.C.'s since, most I have built myself. 

I usually play on my everyday P.C. with a 4 year old video card Radeon 7790 2gb vram and it does just fine in Tanki if you know how to tweak your settings in game. I recently upgraded the card to a Radeon 290x 4gb vram.

BattleZone was by far a better Tank battle Game then Tanki but as it was nearly 8 years old by the time I left it.  A lot of players had left and even with two versions of the original game to play the numbers were not there to sustain battles.  Hopefully a new generation is enjoying it on Steam. 
Info about that game can be found here:

Tanki is inferior simply because everything you need  or want cost you a large amount of crystals and most of it doesn't give back enough to justify the cost.  Paints used too provide protection now they  are just costly upgrades to make your tank look cool and they have packages for protection.   In BattleZone you could create clans no cost, you could play private battles and password the game so would be hackers or trouble makers could not join.  The servers were up 24/7 no server resets.
You could find pickups right after someone used them and if you were skilled you could rob your opponent of the pick up by shooting it before they could get to it.  BattleZone had more maps and some were positively huge.  Like the mars map, it was bigger than Berlin map in Tanki. 

There was never butt spawning and if you ran out of health or ammo you could eject and snipe with a rifle.  You got 3 shots only! If you were a good shot, you could snipe your opponent and jump into your dead opponents tank and continue on racking up points.  You didn't have to buy things and you could accessorize your tank with pre-made and self made logos. 

A few of the clan members will be checking out the redux version on steam.  Who knows it might be where the clan goes as Tanki X official release is taking way to long. The Redux has an offline mode same as the original so you can do missions and get familiar with the abilities of opponents tanks.  In Battlezone, I had like now, clan mates from around the world. I also had many friends in other clans from around the world.



Hi guys I am new to the clan and I am older than 13 and I agreed to the rules so I wont be cussing or anything (I don't normally do that anyway, so it is kinda like an enforcer) anyway, nice to meet you all


You are here » ShaftBuster's Clan of _UC » General Topics » Hi! Welcome to our Tanki Clan Page.